Ritter Communications Corporate Office LEED® Silver Certificed

AceoneODC Corporate / Hospitality

Ritter Communications

Corporate Office Building LEED® SILVER CERTIFIED

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Sustainability and environmental stewardship come to mind when describing this new consolidation of Ritter Communication’s Jonesboro offices. Brackett-Krennerich led a design team focusing on design strategies that took advantage of the natural conditions of the site, while minimizing negative impacts. The result is an elegant structure that works with its site and offers real economic savings and benefits its community through sustainable construction practices.

Natural sunlight is used as the building’s primary light source, with artificial light as a supplement. This was achieved through the positioning of the building, light harvesting sensors, low-e reflective glass and a smart blind system. 

In addition to the geothermal heating and cooling system, builders used Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for the wall and roof construction, and sun shading devices on the south and west sides of the building. The roof reflects heat and the building essentially functions as a large cooler, saving electricity and making it easier to efficiently retain a constant comfortable temperature year-round.

Low VOC (volatile organic compound) finishes were incorporated throughout the building in the paint, adhesives, carpeting and other materials, all of which help create a healthy work environment.

For water efficiency, the building’s innovative low-flow plumbing fixtures reduce water consumption by 30 percent.Optimum air quality is maintained by a system which monitors CO2 levels inside the building and filters in fresh air from outside.